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La Reina de las Tortillas was established in Spain in 2006, and by 2008 it had become the irrefutable market leader for 100% fresh corn tortillas and derived products.

We use the ancient process of nixtamalization to create masa (or corn dough), and strictly adhere to European health regulations. This is what makes our products special.

La Reina de las Tortillas supplies authentic products to more than 90% of Mexican restaurants in Spain, and a significant number of the nation’s specialized shops. This is thanks to our commitment to producing only the finest quality products for our customers.

From our factory in Madrid, we supply tortillas to more than 12 European countries, and the demand for our products is growing. Our objective is simple; we are passionate about bringing the most celebrated Mexican culinary delight in its purest form to every corner of the continent.  


Two very basic concepts define the spirit of La Reina de las Tortillas. The first is providing high-quality products. And the second is knowing our customers, just like you would at a Mexican tortillería, enjoying chatting with people about how to prepare them, different ways of cooking them, and savoring each tasty morsel.

Because Doña Delfina’s dream, who made the first tortillas by hand in a tiny apartment in Madrid, is built around a simple idea, which is this. Nothing unites a country, cultures, and people like good food.

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